Couple from Germany Enjoying Java Tourism

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog where we’ll share the exciting journey of two couples from Germany, Mr. Udo and Mrs. Christine, during their trip to Indonesia. They embarked on an amazing tour package from Yogya-Malang-Tumpak Sewu-Bromo-Ijen- Merubetiri and finish Kalibaru, exploring various stunning destinations along an interesting route. Let’s dive into their travel story! Tourist Destinations 1. Yogyakarta Their […]

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A Romantic Adventure Above the Clouds

Merbabu Welcome to our blog! Join us, Paul and his partner, as we recount our unforgettable romantic adventure above the clouds on Mount Merbabu in Indonesia. Preparation and Journey Our anticipation soared as we planned our ascent of Mount Merbabu, renowned for its stunning natural vistas and captivating cloud formations. Every detail was meticulously arranged, and we were fortunate to […]

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Exploring Yogyakarta’s Iconic Temples: A French Family’s Adventure with Great Tour

Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a city rich in culture and history, welcomed a large family from France for a two-day vacation. Eager to immerse themselves in the wonders of this Indonesian gem, they embarked on a journey to visit two of Yogyakarta’s most iconic attractions: Borobudur and Prambanan temples. With the convenience of a mini-bus provided by the trusted travel agency, Great […]

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