Ramayana Ballet

1Ramayana Ballet beginning with the competition conducted in order to find the right man to marry Dewi Sita. Rama Wijaya as the prince of  Ayodya at last win it. After winning the competition, Rama, Sita and Leksmana wanders in Dandaka Forest.

In Dandaka Forest, Sita is kidnapped by Ravana and taken to Alengka Kingdom. Shocked by the bad news, Rama insists to get her back. He  asks the monkey troops led by Hanoman to build a bridge to rescue Sita from Alengka. The great battle between monkey troops and the giants othiengka occurs afterwards.

The story ends with the death of Ravana by Rama’s arrow. Then, Rama meets Sita again. Rama refuses Sita since he considers that  Sita is not pure anymore. In order to prove her purity and loyalty to her husband, Sita then burns herself. Sita is safe from the burning fire and that is a proof to her husband that Sita is still sacred. Finally Rama comes to her and they reunited.