Information and breakdown of the entrance fee:

Borobudur Temple  IDR: 450.000/person

Prambanan Temple IDR: 400.000/person

Mendut Temple    IDR: 10.000/person

Sultan Palace IDR: 25.000/person

Water Castle IDR: 25.000/person

Dieng Plateau IDR: 240.000/person

Mangkunegaran Palace ( Solo ) IDR: 40.000/person

Sukuh Temple  IDR: 50.000/person

Cetho Temple  IDR: 50.000/person


Week Day   IDR: 250.000/person

Weekend    IDR: 350.000/person

Jeep Bromo IDR: 550.000 ( Ptivate Jeep )

IJEN Crater Ticket  IDR: 150.000/person

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall IDR: 150.000/person