Prambanan Temple


Prambanan Temple, though commonly referred to as such, is more accurately known as Candi Siwa, signifying its dedication to the Hindu deity Shiva. While some sanctuaries within the complex have been restored, many lie in ruins, with only scattered stones remaining from the original 240 temples.

Candi Siwa, also known as the Rara Jonggrang Temple, is the central sanctuary of the complex. It houses a large statue of Shiva, representing his significance in the Trimurti faith alongside Brahma and Vishnu. The temple also features statues of Shiva as the Mahaguru (Supreme Master), Ganesha, and Shiva’s spouse.

Candi Brahma and Candi Wisnu, smaller than Candi Siwa, are dedicated to the deities Brahma and Vishnu, respectively. Candi Brahma contains a statue of the four-headed Brahma, while Candi Wisnu houses a statue of Vishnu with four arms, each holding symbolic items.

Legend surrounds the temple, including the story of Rara Jonggrang, daughter of King Boko, who was turned into a statue. According to the legend, a powerful man named Bandung Bondowoso sought to marry her. To avoid the marriage, Rara Jonggrang challenged him to build a thousand temples in one night. Almost successful, Bandung Bondowoso was thwarted by Rara Jonggrang’s trickery, leading to her transformation into a statue that completes the temple’s narrative.