Sultan Palace, Imogiri Royal Cemetery, Sunset at Parangtritis

We will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to Sultan Palace to watch elegant Javanese architectures, located in the center of the municipality. It was built in 1775. Visitors of the palace can enjoy the atmosphere of the palace as it was centuries ago. Many sets of gamelan instruments, antiques and hairlooms make the sultan palace become one of most interesting tourist site in Yogya.

After having lunch, we will drive you to Imogiri Royal Cemetery. The cemetery perched on a beautiful hill. The tomb of Sultan Agung the third and the greatest king of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom are there. Visitor must wear traditional Javanese clothes and climb up 345 stairs to reach the top of the hill where tomb of the king rested. The last place of tour at the moment is driving to Parangtritis beach to enjoy the sunset. Lastly, driver and tour guide will bring you back to your hotel.